It is expected of the Namibia Training Authority as the official regulating body in the Vocational Education and Training sector, to ensure that all training providers operating within the borders of our country, indeed meet quality training standards.

The NTA does so in line with the provisions of the Vocational Education and Training Act of 2008. However, the same Act empowers the NTA, as the agent of quality standards in Vocational Education and Training to identify instances of non-compliance, and to issue sanctions and/or penalties, if these are not rectified within a stated period.

The VET Act provides for a range of sanctions, escalating from enforceable undertakings and additional conditions on registration, through to cancelling the registration of a training provider.

As such, the NTA may:
- Amend, shorten, and/or revoke registration;
- Impose conditions on a registration;
- Issue directions under the legislation for an organisation to take specific steps or refrain from doing certain things;
- Issue infringement notices as an alternative to prosecution; and/or
- Prosecute organisations that breach the legislation.

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